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Chand Baoli in Rajasthan



Product Strategy and GTM

I provide market analysis, dataset assessment, positioning, and roadmap development to ensure that your innovative AI solutions succeed.


Custom AI Product Development

I work with you, your users, and my partner team of developers to build an AI solution for your specific use case


AI Cost Optimization

I identify pathways to reduce the operational costs of using LLMs or other AI models for your specific application based on rigorous analysis of usage patterns and requirements


Retrieve and summarize large volumes of dense information from your own datasets using LLMs.

Leverage timeseries datasets from SCADA and BMS systems to analyze and forecast energy usage. Build controls and feedback with ML or deep reinforcement learning to optimize energy consumption.

Train models for anomaly detection or computer vision for your industrial use case, and deploy these solutions to your edge hardware

Incorporate the latest deep learning research into your collaborative filtering or ranking system

Develop custom hardware and software solutions for neural interfaces


With close to a decade of experience building vertical AI products and leading high-performing teams, Nikhil has spearheaded the development of transformative AI across industries - from autonomous systems to telecom to climate tech.

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