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About Me

I am an entrepreneur, data scientist and AI practitioner working on technologies that will make an impact on climate change and human health. I've helped founders, investors, and large companies make sense of AI technology and how it applies to their products, portfolio, and strategy.

As a data science leader, I've led teams in research and development of applied deep learning products, from driver distraction detection and automatic speech recognition to generative AI for customer service applications. Most recently, I've applied AI techniques to detect energy anomalies and forecast energy usage in heat pumps for commercial real estate.

As a cofounder, I've taken an idea from conception to product to revenue. I hired a software team, performed customer discovery, onboarded new users, and continually iterated on the technology. I know how hard these things are, and I'm here to help you gain leverage and expertise in applying AI to your problem.

I received my PhD in Neuroscience and Molecular Biology from Princeton University, where I developed novel computational models of the retina and built custom hardware to record picoamp signals from neurons to validate my predictions. I earned an undegraduate degree in Bioengineering from the University of Pennsylvania, where I was exposed to the Wharton way of thinking.


Users First

The key to building successful AI products is to understand the human in the loop.

Ethical AI

Ethical, accountable, transparent, and fair AI is better for society and enterprise.

Collaborative Excellence

Teamwork, communication, and collaboration with developers, clients, and stakeholders unlocks everyone’s full potential.

Continuous Learning

AI is constantly evolving—to stay on top of the market and identify new opportunities, I use research and education to stay at the forefront of technological advancements and industry trends.